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Tanzanite Compared to Diamonds

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How does Tanzanite compare to Diamonds?

Compared to Diamonds, Tanzanite is at least 1000x more valuable and rarer than Diamonds. As a result of its rarity & beauty, Tanzanite is a highly sought-after gemstone.  Tanzanite is like Diamonds, however, diamonds are mined in large quantities. As one of the rarest gemstones on earth, Tanzanite is also one of the most undervalued in relation to its rarity. Given its scarcity, it is reasonable to assume that it would sell at a high premium. Yet, it sells for far less than diamonds. Consequently, when comparing gemstones, a Tanzanite is a good investment.

Where does Tanzanite come from?

Tanzanite is still mined, but prospectors state production rates have declined. This is especially true for top grades and large carat sizes. To date, the world’s only source for the gem remains the hills of northern Tanzania, near Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzanite is a member of the Zoisite family of gems. 

Tanzanite is a good investment

A tanzanite is a great option if you want a sapphire look without the high price tag. It is also an excellent collector’s item due to its rarity. It’s called ‘the gemstone investment opportunity of our generation’ as the prices of coloured gemstones increase due to demand. 

With the demand increasing and the supply decreasing, the value of tanzanite is expected to increase exponentially in the upcoming years. Furthermore, tanzanite stones of deep blue or violet colour are more likely to yield a larger return on your investment. In terms of Carat weight, the larger the stone, the greater its value.

The value of Tanzanite depends on the depth of colour and size. Tanzanite is available in blue, purple or violet-blue. The most sought after colour are intense blues. Any colours outside this range are less valuable and not as rare as the deep-coloured purple and blue Tanzanite gemstones. Although Tanzanite is the rarer of the two, blue sapphire is more in demand. All else being equal, sapphire is considerably more expensive than Tanzanite. It is also often considered a good investment gemstone, as the prices of coloured gemstones increase due to demand.

Is it hard enough for a wedding ring?

As a result, Tanzanite is an appropriate gem for engagement and wedding rings, but it does require special care. Although it is hard it is quite a brittle stone, and therefore it is prone to chipping. As a result, Tanzanite will scratch more easily than harder coloured gems such as Ruby, sapphire or diamonds. It should not be exposed to harsh chemicals and ultra-sonic cleaning. Due to Tanzanite’s relative softness, it should be treated with respect. When worn, pendants are much more protected than rings, so Tanzanites are fine to wear every day as a pendant.

Showcase your individuality, capturing the essence of an unforgettable moment with a Tanzanite jewellery piece.  

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