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Why diamonds are unique

Diamonds are unique in that they possess the quality to give off an incredible and unparalleled shine. This has made them the stone of choice for intending brides worldwide.

Jewellery Advice on MooiTroues

News Article screen shot

Follow my interview with the online wedding magazine Mooi Troues. I provide some jewellery advice to newly engaged couples. In this interview, I provide advice regarding choosing the right metals and precious stones for your engagement and wedding bands. It’s a very informative article and gives you a quick guide on regular questions and budget concerns, …

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Tanzanite Compared to Diamonds

Precious Gem stones

How does Tanzanite compare to Diamonds? Compared to Diamonds, Tanzanite is at least 1000x more valuable and rarer than Diamonds. As a result of its rarity & beauty, Tanzanite is a highly sought-after gemstone.  Tanzanite is like Diamonds, however, diamonds are mined in large quantities. As one of the rarest gemstones on earth, Tanzanite is …

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Locket with Cherub Wings

Gold Locket with Cherub Wings

I made this locket with cherub wings recently added to our Scherman’s hand-made pendants and necklace collection. It’s a 1st-year-anniversary gift. The traditional 1-year anniversary gift is paper. A more modern gift is a clock that reconfirms your love and commitment to one another. The origami bird design in this locket symbolizes paper. The cherub wings symbolizes upliftment. …

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Skull ring

Perhaps not a design for everyone but certainly appropriate for Friday the 13th. Hand-carved rose gold skull ring with femur bone shank, black diamonds eyes. Just in time for celebrating Friday the 13th this month.#rosegold #diamonds #fridaythe13th #handmade #skullsandbones#schermans #brackenfell #capetown

Platinum Eagle claw Ring

Platinum eagle claw ring

Have a diamond engagement ring in mind? Make a lasting impression with this beautiful 2.20ct diamond set in a platinum eagle-claw setting. Diamonds are a considerable amount of sparkle and brilliance. First of all, diamonds rated H, I, and G are considered white, with H representing the top quality white. Furthermore, while these diamonds appear …

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Crown set Diamond Engagement Ring

The sharp claws on this beautiful crown setting, gives a slightly aggressive, yet elegant feel to this unique solitaire. Therefore, it’s no doubt that this diamond stone engagement ring, set in Platinum, is most certainly secure for life.

Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Wedding Ring

When you have a diamond engagement ring in mind, while you are planning to pop the question at that perfect moment. Make a lasting impression with this beautiful engagement ring. Three diamonds set in two-tone gold. It will certainly draw attention.

Pearl Earrings: Black&White / Blue Mabe

Pearl Earrings

Two new Pearl earrings recently added to our Scherman’s hand-made earring collection. A beautiful pair of Black and White Pearls set in a pear-shaped yellow gold twirl. Alternatively, feast your eyes on this dark blue mabe pearls earring set. Also set in yellow gold tear drops.