Scherman's Jewellery Design

What we do

Design & Manufacture

Manufacture custom or existing designs. The meaning and symbolism behind each and every Scherman’s Jewellery piece is as unique as it’s wearer, for it was made for them.

restoration & Repair

Have a favorite jewellery piece that needs to be brought back to life? We'll use the existing materials as credit.

Sourcing & Valuations

Sourcing of diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones as well as precious metals.

Transforming Lasting Moments

What Customers Say

During May and June 2017, I had the pleasure of working with Jan Scherman to design and manufacture my  and my fiancé's wedding rings. From the initial consultation, we were met with a very pleasant, friendly and extremely professional jeweller.  Being part of the making of our wedding rings made for a very sentimental and memorable experience for both, my fiancé and I.
Dr Sameera Hamdulay
I went to Jan with an idea and he brought it to reality. Somehow he was able to capture and encapsulate my ideas and he a created a masterpiece that stole my fiancé’s heart at first glance. I really enjoyed taking the creative process with Jan, because it made me feel like part of the creation process. It gave the ring a deeper meaning for me. Jan Scherman, your artistry is unmatched and your talent to capture emotion in your work is unquestionably beyond my comprehension.
Katlego Mashaba

The Art of Jewellery Perfected

Let me design a special piece that celebrates a lasting moment in your life.